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World Padmashali Club (WPC) (Warangal District Padmashali Thrift and credit Mutually Aided Cooperative Society Ltd)
Regd. off: 'AmmaVodi' Building 15-10-17, Ramannapet, Warangal - 506002 (T.S) INDIA
Corporate Off: #303, Elegant Apartment, Renuka Enclave, RajBhavan Road, Somajiguda, Hyderabad - 5000082 (T.S) INDIA
Regd. No: TMC/WGL/DCO/2019/158, Dated: 06-12-2019  PAN: AAAAW9655L

WPC (World Padmashali Club) – History of formation:

In the United Warangal district the majority population belongs to the Padmashali community. We Padmashalis are very vibrant, enterprising and hard working community in the Society and contributing to the Society and Country in many ways from time immemorial. Our skill and knowledge was recognized by the Society and offered with “Jandhya Samskaram” an equivalent to the Brahmins pride. The vibrant members of our community had penetrated into various fields in the society viz., Political Leaders & Workers in various capacity in various party Business, Industries, Contractors, Doctors, Advocates, Software Professionals, IAS, IPS, IFS, Various State Government, Central Government Employees, Various Teaching Professionals across country, NRI's Settled in Various Countries, Builders, Real estate developers, Services sector, Film Industry , Hotel & Hospitality industry and many more.

In the past some active community members had tried to establish a common meeting platform for the unity and benefit of our Padmashali community. But due to various reasons the efforts could not achieve the desired results. Considering these, Sri Raama Srinivas, a well known Industrialist, Businessman and Social activist, envisaged a new concept to bring our Padmashali community on to a common platform. “From his vision raised the World Padmashali club (WPC)”.
The aim of WPC is to provide a dynamic and pro-active common meeting platform for our vibrant Padmashali Community members from all walks of life for betterment of their Health, Wealth, Prosperity, Enlightenment and Mental Peace.
Location of the WPC: The location of WPC is in a rapidly developing & happening place on Hanumakonda Dist Battupalli 4-lane Road (on Hyderabad to Khammam bypass road)

Mr. Raama Srinivas is born in Raamannapet Division of Warangal Dist in 1964. In concern to his business & Industries from the past 35 years he has settled in the Hyderabad, Capital city of Telangana state.Being a well known person in the Society and a thought to do useful humanity service for the society / land where he has born Mr. Raama Srinivas and his wife Mrs. Raama Shobha Rani has established a NGO (Non Profit, Non Governmental organization) "Moksharaamam Foundation" (Registered) in April-2016 with his own concern in Raamannapet, Warangal Dist. Mr. Raama Srinivas has constructed "Moksharaamam Foundation" office named "AmmaVodi" a three floried building in Ramannapet, Warangal Dist. where a huge number of social activities and services are performed daily.

As a part of the services in ‘AmmaVodi building Mr. Raama Srinivas has arranged many meetings with our community persons regarding many issues and to create a standard platform for our community families. Padmashali community State President(s), District in charges, Intellectuals, Padma Purohits (Brahmanulu), Doctors / Hospital owners, Advocates, Charted Accountants, Educational instruction owners, Writers & Singers, Weavers, Industrialists, Contractors, Engineers, Businesspersons, Teaching persons, experienced (Retired) persons, Social service persons, Builders, Real estate businesspersons, Persons who are engaged in working about welfare of our community & others attended the meetings in AmmaVodi building After conducting several meetings & consultations WPC (World Padmashali Club) was established and registered as a private community club in Dec-2019.The main Motto behind establishing of this club is Health is Wealth, Peace of Mind, also interaction with our community elevated persons like Intellectuals, Doctors / Hospital owners, Advocates, Charted Accountants, Educational instruction owners, Industrialists, Contractors, Engineers, Businesspersons, Teaching persons, experienced (Retired) persons, Social service persons, Builders, Real estate businesspersons etc., and to unite and improve relations for better standard of our living, help each other and to give good message to others
Note :
1). In the larger interest to have a very cordial relations in between the WPC members, the Managing Committee will Scrutiny all the Membership Applications if WPC Committee found any application not suitable membership cannot be given to that Application and also no explanation given to the individual.
2). WPC member can transfer their share only to Padmashali community with the concern of WPC Committee, for that Club member has to give full details of the individual in whom they want to transfer in club Prescribed Format. On receipt of application with in 60 days club will scrutiny the credentials and if WPC Committee founds suitable candidate no objection will be given by Committee and then only they can transfer their share.
3). The locking period of the share is minimum 3 years for the date of allotment of membership.

Late. Sri Yelugam Veeraswamy

Sri Yelugam Veeraswamy garu born in the year 1940 in Mothulagudem Village, Jammikunta Mandal, Karimnagar Dist and Died in 2020 he is in to Handlooms Industry started with 32 looms basing on the market demand he took around 400 looms on Lease. He is a Noncontroversial person accepted by all our Padmashali groups in state wide. President: Akila Baratha Padmashali Annasatram – Yadagirigutta (Yadadri) Member in: Akila Baratha Bakta Markandeya Padmashali Nitya Annasatram - Srisailam Akila Baratha Bakta Markandeya Padmashali Annasatram - Badrachalam Akila Baratha Bakta Markandeya Padmashali Annasatram - Tirupati Baratha Markandeya Kashi Annapurna Padmashali Nitya Annasatram - Kashi Akila Baratha Bakta Markandeya Annasatram - Basara Trust Member: From 2008 for Padmashali Yuvajana Seva Sangam, Charbowli Director: APTEX in the year 1996 & KUDA in the year 1991 Served as Municipal Councillor for 2 terms 1981 to 1992 His Services and vast experience will take our WPC into greater heights

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Regd. Off: 15-10-17 "Ammavodi" Building, Ramannapet, Warangal - 506002 (T.S) INIDIA
Corporate Off:- #303, Elegant Apartment, Renuka Enclave, RajBhavan Road, Somajiguda, Hyderabad - 5000082 (T.S) INDIA


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