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WPC (World Padmashali Club)

World Padmashali Club (WPC) (Warangal District Padmashali Thrift and credit Mutually Aided Cooperative Society Ltd)
Regd. off:AmmaVodi‘ Building 15-10-17, Ramannapet, Warangal – 506002 (T.S) INDIA
Corporate Off:- #303, Elegant Apartment, Renuka Enclave, RajBhavan Road, Somajiguda, Hyderabad – 5000082 (T.S) INDIA
Regd. No. TMC/WGL/DCO/2019/158, Dated: 06-12-2019  PAN: AAAAW9655L

WPC (World Padmashali club) – History of formation:

In the United Warangal district the majority population belongs to the Padmashali community. The members of the community had penetrated into various fields in the society viz., Business, Industries, Contractors, Doctors, Advocates, Real estate developers, Services sector, Hotel & Hospitality industry and many more. In the past some active community members had tried to develop a common platform for the unity and benefit of our Padmashali community. But due to various reasons the efforts could not achieve the desired results. Looking into all these Mr. Raama Srinivas, who is a well known Industrialist, Businessman and Social activist, envisaged a new concept to bring our Padmashali community on to a common platform. “From his dreams araised the World Padmashali club (WPC)”.

Sri. Raama Srinivas is born in Ramannapet division of United Warangal district in 1964. After becoming a successful Businessman & Industrialist, he thought of doing social service in his birth place i.e., United Warangal district. Accordingly Sri Raama Srinivas along with his wife Smt. Raama Shobha Rani started a registered NGO in the name of Moksharaamam Foundation in April 2016 and started doing various social activities supporting the poor & needy people; destitute elderly people; women empowerment etc. He constructed a three floor building called Amma Vodi, office for the NGO foundation in Ramannapet United Warangal  district.

In Amma Vodi building Mr. Raama Srinivas had arranged many meetings with Padmashali community persons who are into various fields like Doctors, Hospital owners, Advocates, Charted Accountants, All types Engineers, Architects, Educational Institution owners, Teaching Professionals, Writers, Singers, Weavers, Business persons, Industrialists, Contractors, Retired personals, Social activists etc., on the modalities to form the Warangal Padmashali club. Also Raama Srinivas arranged meetings with Padmashali community State President(s), District in charges, Intellectuals, Padma Purohits (Brahmanulu) and discussed about the need of bringing a united platform for unity and development of our Padmashali community.

After conducting several meetings & consultations WPC (World Padmashali Club) was established and registered as a private community club in Dec-2019.

The main motto for establishing the WPC (World Padmashali club) is to provide a united platform with multiple benefits to our Padmashali community members like  providing a club facility with ultra modern Gym, Health care, Games, Entertainment Social activities; providing a meeting place for all types of Business people, Builders, Real estate developers, Doctors for interactions and improvement in their respective fields; platform to provide free consultation in legal & medical fields to the needy and providing banquet halls to perform functions with a gathering up to 250 persons

WPC (World Padmashali Club) Facilities & Activities:

  1. Sri Markandeya Swamy and Bavanahrushi – Bhadravathi Devi temples
  2. Swimming Pool
  3. Indoor & Outdoor Games
  4. A/C Gym
  5. A/C Banquet Halls & Meeting Halls
  6. A/C Bar & Restaurant
  7. A/C Multi Cuisine Family Restaurant
  8. Buffet Lunch (Every Sunday only for Families)
  9. A/C Suit / Regular Rooms
  10. Free Medical Facilities for Club Members.
  11. Free Legal Advisory Facility for Club Members.
  12. Ladies Day ( Every Wednesday) in a week
  13. Travel Desk
  14. Club Demand Display Wall
  15. Library& Digital Library with our community history & Global useful information
  16. Celebrating National & Traditional Festivals
  17. Smart entry, App based information to Members


WPC Services:

  1. WPC Employment
  2. WPC Matrimony
  3. WPC Various Services


Committee Members of WPC (World Padmashali Club):  

  1. Mr. Raama Srinivas – Founder & President
  2. Mr. Koorapati Sudarshan – Joint Secretary
  3. Mr. Basani Chandra Prakash – Member
  4. Mr. Manthena Ramesh – Member
  5. Mr. Bitla Sammaiah – Treasurer
  6. Mr. Vemula Satyamurthy – Member
  7. Ado. Dussa Janardhan – Member
  8. Mr. Talla Mallesham – Member
  9. Er. Swargam Ranga Rao – Member
  10. Mr.Margam Kumara Swamy – Member
  11. Dr. Domala Maheshwar – Member
  12. Dr. Koorapati Ramesh – Member


List of the First Members of the Co-operative Society:

  1. Raama Srinivas
  2. Vodnala Mallaih
  3. Yelugam Venkatamallu
  4. Bitla Sammaiah
  5. Koorapati Sudarshan
  6. Vemula Satya Murthy
  7. Ado. Dussa Janardhan
  8. Ado. Dasari Prem Sagar
  9. Akkaladevi Ramesh
  10. Dasari Sadhanandam
  11. Manthena Ramesh
  12. Talla Mallesham
  13. Margam Kumara Swamy
  14. Sadula Damoder
  15. Basani Chandra Prakash
  16. Dr. Chanda Mallaiah
  17. Dr. Ramesh Koorapati
  18. Dr. Domala Maheshwar
  19. Er. Swargam Ranga Rao
  20. Poola Sammaiah
  21. Kodam Sreedhar
  22. Balabadra Ram Mohan
  23. Raama Prasad
  24. Bitla Ravinder
  25. Vadicherla Srinivas
  26. Vadicherla Bhasker
  27. Vadicharla Prasad 
  28. Raama Sailesh
  29. Vadicherla Dineshdatta
  30. Vadicherla Rakeshdatta
  31. Gujjar Jagadeeshwar
  32. Vadicherla Vikas Raj
  33. Vadicherla Shiva Sai Dattu
  34. Bitla Neeraj
  35. Sambari Vamshi
  36. Jogu Nitin Chandra


01). Sri Markandeya Swamy and Bavanahrushi – Bhadravathi Devi temples:

WPC is planning to construct our Padmashali  religious Gods Sri Markandeya Swamy and Bavanahrushi – Bhadravathi Devi temples  in WPC premises


02). Swimming Pool:

WPC is planning to construct a Swimming Pool of standard size for usage of Members only. With prior request Member’s relatives (Only Padmashali) can be allowed to use the facility on a nominal entry fee like any other Clubs.


03). Indoor and Outdoor Games:

WPC is making available of some rare games (only played by some specific class of people in cities like Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, New Delhi & Mumbai etc.) Squash, Billiards, along with Badminton, Table tennis, Caroms, Chess, Lawn Tennis, Basket ball, Volley ball, Cricket (within net), Tennicoit (Ring), Skipping, Long jump & High jump area, Shot-put, Javelin throw, Walking / Jogging path.


04). A/C Gym & Yoga Centre:

Fully equipped Air Conditioned Gym & Yoga centre facility will be provided in WPC. Separate timings for Men and Women shall be maintained. Qualified instructors will be made available on request


05). A/C Bar & Restaurant:

WPC is planning to construct AC Bar & Restaurant for the exclusive usage of it’s Members at subsidiary prices. (Prices are less compared with outside).  Members can invite their Relatives & Friends for which nominal entry fee shall be collected like any other Clubs in our Country.


06). Family Restaurant (Multi Cuisine):

WPC is planning to construct AC Multi Cuisine Family Restaurant inside the Club premises. In this variety of traditional Veg & Non-Veg Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks & Dinner are served to the members. Entry is only for Members and their Families.  Members can invite their relatives (only for Padmashali) for which a nominal entry fee shall be collected like any other Clubs in our Country.


07). Sunday Family Buffet Lunch:

The aim is to bring our Padmashali Community families on to a single place, WPC planned to arrange Family Buffet Lunch on every Sunday with wide spread of Veg & Non-Veg menu, Sweets, Fruits, Ice-cream & other traditional items. Entry is only with families – Individuals are not allowed on this day. This will provide better platform for knowing and making friendship and relations with our community families which in turn can help in making new Marriage alliances among our Padmashali community members i.e., PARICHAYA / PARINAYA VEDIKA.


08). A/C Banquet Halls / Meeting Halls:

WPC is planning to construct 2 A/C Banquet halls which can accommodate from 50 to 250 persons for celebrations & functions. This is specially allotted to only WPC members / Padmashali Community Families with request from WPC Members.

Separate entry shall be provided for Banquet Halls / Meeting Halls along with Bar & Restaurant so that WPC Members can invite their Relatives & Friends to only these two areas. This will restrict their entry into the Main Club area


09). A/c Suit & Regular Rooms:

WPC planning to construct AC Suit Rooms & Regular Rooms and providing them to the members at a reasonable charges for the usage of Members, their families & Relatives (Only Padmashali persons allowed) residing in India or abroad.


10). “Ladies Special day” in a week (only for Ladies):

As a special respect to the ladies and to keep their privacy / respect WPC decided to dedicate every Wednesday from 6.00am to 6.00pm only for the Ladies of our WPC members, their families & relatives (male children bellow 5 years are allowed with mother). During this time within the WPC area only lady attendees are posted for privacy and comfort of the Lady members to enjoy & play all the games in WPC including Swimming Pool area.


11). Travel Desk:

Most of our Padmashali community families who are residing in different parts of India & Abroad will travel to Warangal to meet their family members to attend marriages, functions, pilgrim tours & holidays. It is a fact that Warangal is center place for many destinations & two hours journey from Hyderabad International Air Port. In view of this and to provide better service to our WPC Members, WPC going to start “Travel Desk” for a reasonable tariffs to any destination from Warangal and for this all the vehicle owners & drivers shall be of our Padmashali community.


12). Padmashali Library and Digital Internet Library:

A fully fledged Library with Literature Books describing our Padmashali community origin, Vamsha Vruksham, Gotram and with all Mythological books which will describe the history and Greatness of our Padmashali community.  Also this Library will provide all competitive exam books for the students who are preparing for various exams. Also WPC provides free Digital Internet Library to our Community families for browsing the internet for online searching the study materials / job opportunities and applying for suitable jobs.

 WPC Activities

01). Free Medical Consultation to Members:

In our Padmashali community we have many reputed Doctors. On the request of WPC many of our Padmashali reputed Doctors in Warangal given their willingness to make their services for FREE of COST within the WPC premises to our community families.  Also they accepted to give special discounts in their respective hospitals for the welfare of our community families. Not only this WPC trying make accept our Doctors to make arrangement with in WPC premises to collect blood, urine & other samples also and to send the results to their mobile phone or email I’d.


02). Free Legal Advises to Club Members:

On the request of WPC many of our Padmashali reputed Advocates in the united Warangal district had given their willingness to provide their valid services like legal opinions at FREE of COST within the WPC premises.  Also they accepted to take-up the cases in respective courts at a reasonable fee for the welfare our community families.


03). Demand Wall:  

This is WPC’s new concept developed in the interest of Business & professional prosperity of our Padmashali Community in Telangana state and also across India. This is an existing practice in most of North Indian based Business communities. In this system WPC will display the details like Name of the establishment / Nature of Business / Contact Person / Contact number / Email I’d of the all types of Business by our community people, Establishments, Education Intuitions, Real Estate & Builders, Doctors, Advocates, Engineers, Architectures, Interior Designers, Commercial & House hold construction material suppliers etc., with in WPC premises.  


04). Celebrating Traditional, State & National Festivals:

WPC wanted to celebrate Traditional festivals like Sankranthi, Ugaadi, Sri Raama Navami, Ganesh Chavithi, Nulu / Jangirala Punnami (Rakhi Festival), Markandenya Jayanthi, Krishnaastami, Boddemma / Bathukamma, Dasara (Vijaya Dhashami), Deepavali, Kartika / Komma Pournami etc. Also, State & National festivals like Republic day, Telangana formation day & Independence Day will be celebrated in the WPC premises to unite all our community families and to provide a platform for get-together on all festival occasions. 


05). WPC Smart Card entry to Members:

All the Members will be issued a chip-based Smart Photo-identification-card (PIC).  Only with this PIC members are allowed to enter into the WPC area and use the facilities provided in the WPC. Members have to maintain “Cash balance” in their PIC for availing any services or purchases in the WPC including Bar & Restaurants.  Sufficient balance shall be maintained by the member. If the balance is insufficient system never accepts to give any facility/service to the member. Any misbehavior of the members in the WPC area will be entered in the concern member smart card this will to known to other members through WPC App.


06). WPC Mobile App based services:  

WPC App based services will be provided to all the members to know all events and happening in the WPC. Through this App members can make advance booking of the facilities like Table-booking in Sunday buffet lunch, family restaurant, banquet / meeting halls, travel desk, suit / regular rooms & other facilities available in WPC

Location: The location of WPC is very happening & highly developing place on Hanumakonda Dist Battupalli 4-line Road (on Hyderabad Khammam bypass road)


1). WPC has decided to give employment in all areas of our Club only to Padmashali community people, this is to encourage and help the families who are in need of the employment in our Padmashali Community. To start the Demand wall concept WPC will procure all the required construction materials only from our community people & after WPC starts the daily needs also procured from our community people only (WPC will always cross check the open market prices for comparison)

2). For the convenience and to give chance to our club members let us follow the system like “FIRST COME FIRST SERVE “ Basis. Also please note that depending on the number of Participants (Club members) in different activities in the premises, we will ensure to keep a limited time for all the club members so that every club member will get a chance to participate/involve in all facilities in the club premises.

3). A Reasonable monthly maintenance charges shall be collected from all the club members, this amount will be used for the Recurring expenditure of our WPC. This system is followed in any club in our country

 Note :

1). In the larger interest to have a very cordial relations in between the WPC members, the Managing Committee will Scrutiny all the Membership Applications if WPC Committee found any application not suitable membership cannot be given to that Application and also no explanation given to the individual.

2). WPC member can transfer their share only to Padmashali community with the concern of WPC Committee, for that Club member has to give full details of the individual in whom they want to transfer in club Prescribed Format. On receipt of application with in 60 days club will scrutiny the credentials and if WPC Committee founds suitable candidate no objection will be given by Committee and then only they can transfer their share.

3). The locking period of the share is minimum 3 years for the date of allotment of membership

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