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WPC Meeting in Ghanpur on 12/06/2020

With the Clear intention and motto of our WPC (Warangal Padmashali club) . Committee members along with founder director Sri Rama Srinivas garu has planned to conduct several meetings for making interaction among our community people in different parts of Warangal Urban Dist. and make them to know the theme of WPC and utilize the facilities provided by WPC (Waranagal padmashali club).

As a part of this program Conducting meetings started from “Ghanpur” on 12/06/2020 

Founder Director Sri Rama Srinivas garu along with some of our committe Members attended meeting and explained about the Club, facilities provided by the club, theme of the club and also explained about the social aspects to improve in our community .

local Community people attended in good number.Finally as a token of safety precaution Members distributed Washable Face safety masks to all the attendees in the meeting.

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