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Padmashali Library and Digital Library: A fully fledged Literature Books which describes our Padmashali community origin, Vamsha Vruksham, Gotram and all Mythological books which will describe the history and Greatness of Padmashali community, also competitive books will be provided for the students who are preparing for various exams and Digital Library for using the internet facility for applying online searching


1). For the convenience and to give chance to our club members let us follow the system like “FIRST COME FIRST SERVE “ Basis. Also please note that depending on the number of Participants (Club members) in different activities in the premises, we will ensure to keep a limited time for all the club members so that every club member will get a chance to participate/involve in all facilities in the club premises.

2). A Reasonable monthly maintenance charges shall be collected from all the club members, this amount will be used for the Recurring expenditure of our WPC. This system is followed in any club in our country

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